Victoria Ben-Toviya

messages from archangel michael, angel guidance, angelsGreetings! My name is Victoria Ben-Toviya. I work with ArchAngel MichaEL, my Healing Guides, your Angels and loved ones who have transcended to bring their messages to you.

I have been communicating with Angelic Beings and Spiritual Guides, animals and nature since I was a child, although at that time I had no language to express what came natural to me.

It is now my joy to use these communications for you who seek Divine Guidance from the Holy One’s messenger, ArchAngel MichaEL.

Information from this life time and often past lives may come through, along with Angel Wisdoms. ArchAngel MichaEL often gives spiritual “inner-cises” for you to practice to obtain the results you are seeking in your life. Sometimes, loved ones who have transcended, pets or animal companion Souls communicate, as well.

I believe we all have this ability to communicate through the Divine within us, and I will support you in your own spiritual attunement to your Intuition and Divine Voice within you.

Victoria Ben-Toviya - messages from archangel michael

Victoria Ben-Toviya

I prepare for our session by lighting a candle and saying a blessing in honor of your sacred Soul. I connect with ArchAngel Michael, heart and mind and your Soul and your Angels.

I suggest you prepare for your session by sitting in a comfortable and quiet space (maybe where you pray or meditate). Quiet your Soul in relaxation. If you have specific questions set your intention to be open to new information.

ArchAngel MichaEL, and your Angels will address your questions and give you messages for your Higher Good.

I live in Treasure Island, FL, however, we are accessing Divine Energy, so phone sessions work quite well. I have clients in States from across the country.

Would you like to set an appointment for a session? I look forward to speaking with you!

~ Victoria